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Good mounting system for solar power station

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Good mounting system for solar power station

Good mounting system for solar power station should be (1) steady, (2) durable, (3) simple, easy to install and (4) not too heavy.

Shoud be steady

The solar power station need to be outsite and absorb as much sunshine as possible, so windbreaking is impossible. The solar power station has a flat shape and it’s area can be 2 square metters, the influence of win is big. So, a good mounting system should be able to withstand wind level 10, 12 to prevent storms.

Should be durable

The PV module’s longevity is about 20 to 25 years. If the mouting system for it can only use in 5 year, must replace the frame about 4 to 5 times and this will be increased the maintenance cost. So, the mounting system need to be durable with the time.

Good mounting system for solar power station

Should be simple, easy to install

PV modules or solar power station can be install on the ground or on the roof of a house or building. The constuction area ussually not safe. So, design an simple mouting system not only reduce the cost of material and tránport but also help reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

Should not too heavy

For many roofs, the permissible payload of the roof has been calculated and designed upon construction. Installing a heavy-duty system on a roof will not ensure that the home is safe, since the roof may be weak for a long time, and not be able to withstand a heavy load. Therefore, when designing a good mounting system for solar power station, it is necessary to minimize the mass of the frame system and when entering a particular project, it is necessary to calculate the endurance of the roof.