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Limited product warranty for Recom PV module

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Limited product warranty for Recom PV module

RECOM Standard PV Module Models covered under this warranty are:

  • RCM-xxx-6PA (xxx= 310-340)
  • RCM-xxx-6PB (xxx= 260-280)
  • RCM-xxx-6MA (xxx= 270-310)
  • RCM-xxx-6MB (xxx= 315-360)


RECOM warrants that all the above listed PV Modules, in addition to factory assembled DC connectors and cables, are macro defect-free regarding materials and workmanship with the exception of improper installation, application, utilisation and maintenance.

Any appearance or cosmetic change of the PV Modules, including but not limited to any colour change, discolouration, abrasion, scratching, oxidation and mechanical wear-out, or any other change attributable to or caused by the normal wear and tear over time, that may occur after the Warranty Start Date, shall be exempt from the 12-Year Limited Product Warranty.

Claims will be in effect under the 12-Year Limited Product Warranty only if the Customer has provided documented evidence suffiient to prove that the non-conformity or malfunctioning of the PV Modules results exclusively from the defect and is covered by the 12-Year Limited Product Warranty. RECOM will, at its discretion, either replace or repair the malfunctioning PV Module. The 12-Year Limited Product Warranty does not refer to a specifi power output.


With reference to the specifi power output, within a period of 25 years from the Warranty Start Date, RECOM warrants that the loss of power output shall not exceed 3% within the fist year, and thereafter 0.65% per year, so that the PV Modules will have no less than 81.4% of the nominal power in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.

The expected power output loss shall be compared with the nominal power output, as specifid in the relevant Data Sheets and measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC). In case any excess power output loss occurs, and is determined by RECOM to be due to material or workmanship defects, RECOM will, at its absolute discretion, either replace or repair the malfunctioning PV Module.


The Limited Product Warranty and the Transferable Linear Power Output Warranty do not apply to any RECOM PV Modules subjected to:

  • Misuse, improper installation or application and failure to comply with RECOM’s Installation Manuals
  • Damage caused during transportation
  • Repair or modifiation by a non-RECOM approved technician
  • Extreme environmental conditions, lightning, flood, fie, actions of third parties or other events
  • Damages due to environmental conditions, including but not limited to improper voltage, power surges, acid rain, marine environment, and pollution factors, external corrosion
  • Damages due to exposure to extremely hot and humid environment
  • Force Majeure

The Limited Product Warranty and the Transferable Linear Power Output Warranty do not cover any costs associated with installation or removal of the PV Modules.


Upon discovery of any justifid claim covered by this Warranty, the Customer must notify RECOM by registered letter or e-mail, providing detailed evidence (Invoice, Proof of delivery of the PV Modules, Serial Numbers). Without written authorisation issued by RECOM, the return of any PV Module will not be accepted. Any claim under this Limited Warranty must be brought to RECOM’s attention within three months after identifiation.


In the event of technical disputes relevant to warranty claims, the Customer shall consult a fist-class test institute such as TÜV Rheinland, VDE or RETC-CA to issue a technical report, including test results that will be used in order to determine the technical aspects of the claim. RECOM reserves all rights to handle each and every dispute at its own discretion.