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Hệ giàn khung điện mặt trời lắp nghiêng trên mặt phẳng

Flat roof solar power triangle mounting systems

Flat roof solar power triangle mounting systems Flat roof solar power 10 - 45° Triangle or MultiAngle System mounting systems Individually customisable elevation angle Universal module orientation High flexibility and customised solutions Triangle / Multiangle system components Mounting rails Triangle: SolidRail MultiAngle: SingleRail Flat roof solar power triangle mounting systems Base assembly Triangle: L-Profile MultiAngle: SpeedRail or L-Profile Module orientation Triangle: Landscape mounting with AddOn MultiAngle: Portrait mounting, 2 heights for landscape mounting (clamps at corners or with AddOn) Elevation Triangle: Available with 10 - 45°  ... Read more
Biến tần hòa lưới 1 Pha Sunny Boy 1.5kW-2.5kW

Single phase PV inverter SMA 1.5kW – 2.5kW

Single phase PV inverter SMA 1.5kW – 2.5kW The new standard for small PV systems, the new Sunny Boy 1.5 / 2.5 is the perfect inverter for customers with small PV systems. Thanks to its broad input voltage range of 80 V to 600 V, its versatility, flexibility in module compatibility and low weight for easy installation are impressive. After smooth commissioning via WebUI, the Sunny Boy 1.5 / 2.5 is ideal for local monitoring via the device’s own wireless home network or ... Read more
Biến tần điện mặt trời hòa lưới SMA 1 Pha Sunny Boy 3kW-5kW

SMA Sunny Boy PV inverter 3kW – 5kW

SMA Sunny Boy PV inverter 3kW – 5kW More than an inverter. Smaller, simpler and more convenient with SMA Smart Connected. The new Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 succeeds the world‘s most installed residential string inverter, the Sunny Boy 3000 – 5000TL. It is more than just a PV inverter: delivered with SMA Smart Connected service, it is a complete package that offers PV system owners and installers true comfort and ease. The automatic inverter monitoring by SMA analyzes operation, reports irregularities and ... Read more
Biến tần điện mặt trời 3 Pha Sunny Tripower 15 đến 25kW

SMA solar inverter 3 phase 15 to 25kW

SMA Solar inverter Sunny Tripower 15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL The versatile specialist for large-scale commercial plants and solar power plants. The Sunny Tripower is the ideal inverter for large-scale commercial and industrial plants. Not only does it deliver extraordinary high yields with an efficiency of 98.4%, but it also offers enormous design flexibility and compatibility with many PV modules thanks to its multistring capabilities and wide input voltage range. The future is now: the Sunny Tripower comes with cutting-edge grid management functions ... Read more
Biến tần năng lượng mặt trời SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER 5000TL - 12000TL 3 PHA

SMA inverter sunny tripower 5000-12000TL

The Three-Phase Inverter – Not Only for Your Home... but also perfectly suited to the design of the traditional residential PV system up to the higher power outage range. After all, with the addition of the new 10 kVA and 12 kVA versions to the portfolio, the Sunny Tripower product range covers a broad spectrum of applications. Users benefit from numerous tried-and-tested product features. Highly flexible with its proven Optiflex technology and asymmetrical multistring, it delivers maximum yields with a top ... Read more