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Saving money on energy now with solar power

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Saving money on energy now with solar power

Transforming roofs into resources, gardens into generators

The sun. Our world revolves around it – a fact which many still choose to ignore. The.truth is, there’s never been a better time to go solar. Today’s panels are over 50% more powerful than those made just 8 years ago, and what’s more, you could benefit from immediate savings of between 15-70% on your monthly energy bills.

How solar power works:

  1. The sun’s rays, which contain powerful energy, are converted into an electrical current when they hit the silicon on solar panels.
  2. The current is harnessed by a control device and is converted into electricity, enabling it to power electrical items.
  3. The electricity then passes through a breaker box to outlets in a building.
  4. Appliances such as refrigerators and lamps can plug into the outlets for clean, safe, and affordable power.

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