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Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC)

Savina Power JSC provides professional services with a full service package to ensures the solar power system remains long term stable and profitable.

Solar Power Plant Installation Services including site finding, investment consultant, project consulting, investigation and design and execution of the work, monitoring system, feasibility study, liaison, operation and maintenance, annual inspection, engineering – procurement – construction (EPC)

Solar Power Project Feasibility Study

Our experts assess the feasibility of the solar power plant installation at a particular through rigorous methods which involves land finding and survey, topography and weather analysis, irradiation studying, local liaison, yield forecasts and profit analysis etc.


Business Connection

Our dedicated team for connection with all the government departments and stakeholders for all needed documentation for providing a hassle free investment opportunity. We also makes the project execution a far simple work to meet the deadlines and execute projects beforehand.

Operation And Maintenance

Providing an expert operation and maintenance team to continuously satisfying our investors demand with more than committed generation figures from the solar power plants installed by Us. Maintenance service including medium voltage maintenance, PV site maintenance, inverter maintenance etc. Goal is Preventive Maintenance wherein through continuous and rigorous monitoring prevent the faults before it could happen.

Monitoring system

Thanks to partners globally, we are able to ensure optimal steady-state operation for the power system, our goal is to be on-site before any faults occur. Monthly/quarterly/yearly monitoring reporting with indepth analyses shows the actual yield and the effective capacity utilisation of your photovoltaic power plant whatever the weather so that means you have full transparency at all times.

Annual inspection

Our expert team carries out annual inspection and maintenance, checks all the operating equipment and operating condition with the utility company involved. The service to make sure you are in compliance with all existing regulations, including the statutory audits and documentation.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)


Technical expertise, innovations in optimizing the design by our team to reduce wastage of land and enhance the generation from the solar power plant.


Our procurement team follows strict quality parameters for all the equipments which are installed in the solar power plant. Including the solar modules, inverter, accessories and spare parts. None of the equipment passes the boundary of the site without strict quality inspection.


Follow regulations of the labor law and construction methods for the construction of the solar power plants to ensure that the plant reaches the lifetime 30 years and over.