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SMA solar inverter 3 phase operation manual part 4

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Requirements for MountingRequirements for Mounting: (1) Danger to life due to fire or explosion.Despite careful construction, electrical devices can cause fires; (2) Do not mount the inverter in areas containing highly flammable materials or gases

Do not mount the solar inverter in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

– Do not mount the SMA solar inverter on a pillar.
– The mounting location must be inaccessible to children.
– A solid support surface must be available for mounting, e.g. concrete or masonry. When mounted on drywall or similar materials, the inverter emits audible vibrations during operation which could be perceived as annoying.
– The mounting location must be suitable for the weight and dimensions of the inverter (see Section 10 “Technical Data”, page 36).
– To ensure optimum operation, the ambient temperature should be between -25°C and 40°C.
– The mounting location should not be exposed to direct solar irradiation. Direct solar irradiation can cause the inverter to overheat. As a result, the inverter reduces its power output.
– Climatic conditions must be met (see Section 10 “Technical Data”, page 36).
– The mounting location should be clear and safely accessible at all times without the need for any auxiliary equipment (such as scaffolding or lifting platforms). Non-fulfillment of these criteria may restrict servicing

Recommended clearances for solar inverter:

  • Provided that the recommended clearances are observed, adequate heat dissipation will be ensured. Thus, you will prevent power reduction due to excessive temperature.
  • Observe the recommended clearances to walls as well as to other inverters or objects.
  • If multiple inverters are mounted in areas with high ambient temperatures, increase the clearances between the inverters and ensure sufficient fresh-air supply

Permitted and prohibited mounting positions:

Solar inverter Permitted and prohibited mounting positions

Solar inverter Permitted and prohibited mounting positions

  • The inverter must be mounted in one of the permitted positions. This will ensure that no moisture can penetrate the inverter.
  • The inverter should be mounted in such a way that LED signals can be read without difficulty