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Think green – The future of Renewable energy – Solar energy

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Solar farm

Professional servicing of your solar farm projects including investment consultancy, detailed investigation and design work, execution of the work, maintenance, and solar energy solutions/equipments for optimal system operation and high yields, we want to make sure that your system, projects remains profitable for a long term.

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Solar rooftop

PV systems and inverter, communication solutions: The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Inverter, this device converts the DC electricity generated by the solar module into the alternating current (AC) electricity, and sent to your lights and electrical appliances.

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Solar pumping solution

The solar modudes are made up of photovoltaic which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, and inverter converts this DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) electricity sent to your electrical appliances such as motor/water pumps single phase 230V or three phase 230V/400V.

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Savina Power JSC. services
Investment concultancyInvestigation and design workExecution of the workSystem maintenanceFull Package Solutions
Investment concultancy
Savina Power JSC. can offer a comprehensive advisory package that will enable your projects to bring in additional revenue for years to come.

(1) Presentation of solutions, equipments of solar energy technologies.

(2) Consultants with the most effective investment solutions, renewable energy techniques to meet your business needs.

(3) Assist to determining the optimal solar system size for your property and project capacity for optimal system operation and high yields, and provide detailed investigation for your project needs.

Investigation and design work
Ensures that the very best return for solar power project.

(1) Detailed field investigation. Radiation conditions, sunlight, PV module declination, appropriate locations etc. analysis to optimize the system.

(2) Solar system size calculation, from planning, site finding support to advice on typical installation costs, return on investment (ROI) and financial analysis.

Execution of the work
Savina Power JSC is your reliable partner, we are responsible for placing each solar module into servicing.

(1) Ensures that the installation work is consistent with the system design.

(2) Solar project management, supervision of construction, project’s installation status and progress updating for customer review.

System maintenance
Savina Power JSC. want to make sure that your projects remains profitable and stable.

(1) Technologies and system operation transferring.

(2) System monitoring and operation supporting to make sure projects remains stable and profitable for a long term.

(3) Limited warranty, system performance, and technical supporting commitment.

Full Package Solutions
Perfect solution for your solar power projects.

Savina Power JSC. provides a professional servicing with a full service package including site finding, investment consultant, project consulting, investigation and design and execution of the work, financial analysis, warranty and maintenance service, the package to ensures the system remains long term stable and profitable.

Why solar energy?
The Sun is the resource of the 21st century.

The sunshine will continue and supply free solar energy in the process for another 4 billion years.
The solar energy amount reaches our earth exceeds daily requirements from 10,000 to 15,000 times over.
The sun does not produce CO2
Solar energy system allows self-sufficient, not be exposed to ever-increasing energy costs
The only energy which can be produced worldwide on a local basis
Energy waste is minimized and considerable savings are made on costs
The sun does not depend on how big corporations is and also not depend on undemocratic regimes
Solar energy is harmless
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Renewable energy! Solar energy system

Feasible idea, produce and use your own affordable solar energy with the basic system. You save when compared to using expensive electricity from the grid.